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Know your CBD

Certified Organic CBD Flower

Certified organic, grown outdoors on our organic farm in the South Okanagan BC. Craft grown, hand harvested, hang dried, hand trimmed with full seed-to-sale traceability. You'll know exactly how your CBD was grown and what is in it with bulletproof transparency, so you can rest assured your plant medicine is pure.

Know your CBD Oil

Why Make Your Own CBD Oil?

Most extractors are using butane or ethanol and solvents to extract CBD oil which leave chemical residues in these retail oils, and most growers are not transparent in their growing methods, often using non-organic practices. This makes it difficult to know what is in your CBD oil, or how it was produced, which is why we recommend making your own CBD oil at home.

With a Certificate of Analysis to confirm the CBD content of our organic certified CBD flower and a simple, easy, no mess, no smell 3 step recipe and kit you can create at home, you'll know exactly what's in your CBD oil and can easily adjust your potency. Just pure, organic certified CBD flower and your binding oil.

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Does not contain hemp flower or CBD.


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