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Our Farm

About Us

We are puritan organic farmers. Our land has never had a pesticide anywhere near it. It's been certified organic since 2004. We are surrounded by river on one side and mountain ranges and wild Native lands on the other. Whether during the regular season, pre-planting or post-harvest, we remain organic.

​Our processes, like our philosophy, are simple. Everything we do is as nature intended it.

Our mission is to create pure, organic, high-CBD hemp flower, connected to higher consciousness. We even go so far as to play high-frequency sounds and music to our plants as they grow. Love In, Love Out. That's our philosophy. And we have created bulletproof transparency for all of our customers, to mirror our dedication to these principals. 

Our Philosophy

Love In. Love Out.

Plants can only be understood in relation to everything around them. We are puritan in our practices, committed to growing to the highest standards. We even play sound therapy to our plants while they grow.


Always certified organic
High CBD, premium flower
Value pricepoint
Complete transparency from seed to sale
Never irradiated
Only trace amounts of THC (below 3 mg/g)

Why DIY?

People care about what's in their health products and how they were produced. Most extractors are using ethanol or butane and solvents to extract commercial CBD oils (meaning there are residuals of these solvents in your oil), and most growers are not transparent in their growing practices, often using non-organic methods.

We promise pure, certified organic, fully traceable CBD flower to ensure you know exactly what is in your CBD oil, with a simple, easy 3-step, no mess, no smell DIY process. By creating your own CBD oil at home, you can ensure pure inputs for your body and that you're accessing the whole plant medicine.

We are fully transparent in our growing methods, and provide access to our traceability documents to see all the details on how your CBD flower was grown, field inputs and certifications. You can even listen to the playlist of the music your hemp was grown to!

Tune into our CBD flower's favourite tunes